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Best Pregnancy Pillows, Ranked

Getting great sleep during pregnancy is essential. That said, we get that it’s not always easy. Some women find it increasingly difficult to get comfortable as their bodies change and their bellies grow. For many pregnant women, the answer is a pregnancy pillow.

Our Five Favorite Pregnancy Pillows

1. Best Choice U Shape Pillow
Sometimes the best products don’t come with flashy names or in expensive boxes. That’s exactly the story of this pillow. We love that it’s great for your full body, providing a soft place for your bump to rest while also providing back and neck support. The cover is removable for easy washing, and it comes to a neutral and sophisticated gray color. The cover is 100% cotton, providing a soft, touchable comfort. All of this, for about half the cost of similar big name pillows that we felt didn’t perform as nicely.

2. The Snoodle
The Snoodle is a “C” shaped pregnancy pillow that takes up less space on your bed than a traditional U pillow. That said, it’s still large enough to offer full body comfort. We love this pillow because it’s highly durable. Many who buy the Snoodle during pregnancy report using it well into the toddler years. The cover is removable for easy washing to boot.

3. The Hiccapop
Sometimes all that you need is a little boost. If you don’t love the idea of a full body pillow, and you’re looking for just a little bump support, this is our pick. It’s thick enough to hold the bump in a great position as you sleep, without taking up too much space on your bed. It also works nicely between your knees or behind your back. You can even use it while sitting up in bed, and many ladies tell us that feature comes in very handy when they move to midnight pumping sessions! The pillow comes in a great neutral color and the padding is luxuriously soft. At under $25, consider this one a great investment!

4. Boppy Side Sleeper
Are you a side sleeper? It’s recommended that pregnant women sleep on their left side, if possible, so we really love this pillow for that. It’s minimally invasive on your bed, yet still provides comfort and support where you need it the most – your tired back and your growing bump. Since it’s made by respected Boppy, you know that it’s going to last for at least 9 months, probably longer. This is probably our pick for best traveling pillow.

5. The Queen Rose
Another U shaped pillow, this one makes our list for best indulgence pillow. With more than 2.300 (at time of posting) raving reviews on Amazon, this pillow is currently the “IT” item for pregnant women. Users rave about just how soft and comfortable this one is. It comes in six colors, giving you some freedom to customize your experience. Additionally, the fill is high quality and adjustable to fit your unique body. At just 7 pounds, this lightweight pillow packs a ton of support into a small package.

Family Inceptions is devoted to the whole person well-being of all of our clients. Surrogates and their overall comfort matter to us a great deal. That’s why we’re proud to offer our favorite pregnancy pillow as a gift to our surrogates. You can expect yours to arrive sometime in your second trimester.

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