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Welcome Carrot Fertility Members. Family Inceptions is now part of the Carrot Fertility Network. Click to read more.

Rainbow in Someone’s Cloud: Gratitude for Egg Donors and Surrogates

This month, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, our theme is “Be the Reason Someone is Thankful”. When you think of the enormous, life- changing impact donating your eggs or being a surrogate can have, the word ‘thankful’ doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Are you the someone who an intended parent may be thankful for? Have you been thinking of donating your eggs or looking into being a surrogate?

If you’re someone considering donating your eggs, there are several requirements you need to meet in order to be an egg donor in our program. You can read them by clicking Egg Donor Requirements.

If you’re someone considering being a gestational surrogate, you can read the requirements by clicking Gestational Surrogate Requirements.

If you’ve been reading our blogs or know anything about Family Inceptions, you’ll know that I have been both an egg donor and a surrogate. As I’ve shared numerous times (and will continue to do so), the feeling of helping bring a life into this world is more rewarding than I could ever say. This is why I’ve continued to stay in this space; to help exceptional women out there willing and passionate about donating their eggs or becoming a surrogate that are hoping to assist equally exceptional people who want nothing more than full arms (and a full heart).

Recently, to celebrate these stories and show gratitude to these special women, Family Inceptions have created a Facebook group and Instagram account where you can share or read your surrogate stories. They can be found here:

Facebook Surrogate Stories

Instagram Surrogate Stories

Please take a look and share your story OR if you’re considering surrogacy, read through the experiences of others and see if this is something that interests you.

And speaking of which…

If I can for a moment; I want to speak directly to any woman out there who may have been going back and forth on becoming a surrogate or donating her eggs. There are few women in this world more inspiring than Maya Angelou. One of her famous quotes is “Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.” You can see her speak about this by clicking Dr. Maya Angelou speech and let me tell you – if you do nothing else today, you must watch this clip. She speaks about bringing, “Everyone who has ever been kind to me, with me…” anytime she went on stage to speak. She shares that you should, “prepare yourself so YOU can be a rainbow in someone’s cloud” and “be a blessing to somebody’. How beautiful would the world be if we all thought that way?

When someone suffers with infertility, whether it’s due to an egg quality issue, a medical illness, cancer, etc. or even a same sex male couple, they may wonder about their future as a parent, if it’s possible, if they’ll ever be able to experience the unconditional love you felt with your family. Being a parent, being a child who is so wanted and loved, if it’s something they’ve always dreamed of, can bring them to their knees when they feel like it may never be possible.

This second, while you’re reading this, many, many people are praying for a rainbow in their cloud. You could be that rainbow. You could be their blessing and come next Thanksgiving, you may very well be the reason someone is thankful.

For now, I’d like to say a heartfelt thank you to those who have donated their eggs and been a gestational surrogate for being a blessing in someone else’s cloud.

Thank you for Happy Thanksgiving and blessings to you.

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