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Welcome Carrot Fertility Members. Family Inceptions is now part of the Carrot Fertility Network. Click to read more.

How Do I Find Educated Egg Donors?

When selecting an egg donor to help you complete your family, it’s important to understand that there are so many different types of donors.

Many intended parents choose donors who exhibit these basic characteristics:

  • Physical traits matching those of the intended mother
  • Beauty/Models
  • High IQ
  • Successful past egg donations
  • Proof of determination and a strong work ethic

Beyond these main attributes, though, the types of donors vary drastically. Intended parents consider things like ethnic backgrounds, religious connections, talents, interests, and athletic ability to find the right fit for them. However, the most typically sought-after ‘types’ of donors include: attractive egg donors, educated egg donors and ethnic egg donors. With this in mind, we offer a large selection of these specific types of donors, and will assist you in selecting the best person who will help make your dreams of having a family come true.

The majority of our donors are college educated and highly accomplished young women.

They are normally very intelligent and have shown great integrity, responsibility and commitment in their personal and professional lives. Additionally, many of our clients have earned advanced degrees from prestigious universities, so selecting an Ivy League egg donor is also possible. These ambitious women are accomplished in their fields and are hoping to help intended parents complete their families. While women who attend Ivy League schools don’t always choose to donate eggs because they don’t have the time or inclination to do so, some do. There are also other donors who are pursuing or have graduated from a four-year college with a GPA of at least 3.0. We’ve assisted intended parents in finding either an Ivy League egg donor or educated egg donors with bachelors and masters’ degrees, medical students, law students and PhD candidates.

Because it is a layered and complex process, we will conduct a free one-hour consultation to learn about your expectations, obstacles and experiences. This will let us get to know you better so we can match you with right egg donors. During the consultation, you can also better understand the process by asking any questions you have. Schedule your free consultation to get started.


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