Welcome Carrot Fertility Members. Family Inceptions is now part of the Carrot Fertility Network. Click to read more.
Welcome Carrot Fertility Members. Family Inceptions is now part of the Carrot Fertility Network. Click to read more.

Intended Parents

The Egg Donation Process

Purpose Behind Our Process

All of our egg donors are pre-screened before we enter them into the Family Inceptions egg donor database. Their donor profile contains everything from eye color and physical attributes, to genetic health history, education, and even a personality assessment. Click below to browse Family Inceptions’ free online egg donor database of pre-screened donors who are among the elite: well-educated, ethnically diverse, healthy, and the brightest in their field with impeccable life skills.

The purpose behind our rigorous screening process is to give you the utmost confidence and freedom to choose from the best egg donors available. At Family Inceptions, we are committed to making your dream of becoming a parent a reality with the help of our incredible family of egg donors.

We have over 15 years of experience in egg donation and know every step to make your pregnancy or surrogacy a successful reality that ends in you holding your baby.

Our Egg Donation Process:

The process starts with you browsing our carefully curated egg donor database to find your best-fit egg donor. Request access to our egg donor database here and scroll through our available egg donors at your convenience from the comfort of your home. Once you find your best-fit egg donor, we’ll then confirm the donor’s availability and move forward with the approval process.


  • Medical history (donor’s and her family’s)
  • Physical traits (eye color, hair color, height, and weight)
  • Genetic history
  • Education level
  • Personality Assessment
  • Donor location
  • Photos
  • Donation history (if applicable)scroll through our available egg donors

For approval, the donor will undergo thorough medical testing by your preferred IVF clinic to ensure a safe and successful donation process. Following your physician’s green light, we’ll get the documentary and legal process started, including an Egg Donor Agreement, and a Family Inceptions Case Manager will be assigned to guide you, the Intended Parents, and the Egg Donor through the next steps.

After all the legalities and contracts are taken care of, your physician will create the necessary medical protocols the egg donor must undergo for the donation process. The donor cycle can last up to 22 days, and we’ll stay in close contact with you and the donor during this period, offering support and updates.

Once the eggs have been successfully retrieved from your donor, you and your physician will plan next steps in your fertility journey, including the creation of embryos via IVF and whether you’d like to go with a frozen or fresh embryo transfer.

Take the next step. Start the process.

Got questions? We are here to answer them for you!

All potential egg donors undergo a complete medical, physiological, and psychological screening with your chosen fertility clinic.

Once a match is made, the egg donation process can take up to 90 – 120 days. Prior to the actual egg retrieval, the donor will undergo medical, physiological, and psychological screening as required by your IVF clinic and begin her medical protocol to prepare for retrieval.

Your egg donor does not have to be local, and can absolutely be from a different state. She will travel to your local IVF clinic when necessary, and your physician will perform all medical procedures, including the egg retrieval.

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