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Welcome Carrot Fertility Members. Family Inceptions is now part of the Carrot Fertility Network. Click to read more.

A Surrogacy Support Team That Is Dedicated To Your Journey

What does a Surrogacy Support Coordinator do?

When a potential surrogate contacts or completes an application with a surrogacy agency, the Surrogacy Support Coordinator is usually the initial point of contact. The coordinator will reach out to the candidate to answer questions, assist in determining if surrogacy is right for her, determine if the potential surrogate meets all surrogacy requirements, and coordinate the collection of information needed to begin the surrogacy process.

Your first point of contact with the surrogacy agency

The Surrogacy Support Coordinator discusses the criteria, the process and benefits with the candidate.  If the candidate wishes to proceed and meets criteria, the coordinator will arrange the preliminary steps of the surrogacy journey with the candidate.  This includes arranging a lengthy video interview to get to know the candidate, her family and history. The coordinator will also assist the candidate in organizing consent forms, conducting background checks and insurance reviews, reviewing prenatal and delivery records and other necessary medical records, and being the primary support person as the gestational surrogate begins the process. The Surrogacy Support Coordinator serves an educator and counselor and is a direct contact for the surrogate when she has questions, needs advice, or is unsure of the next steps of the surrogacy process. The Surrogacy Support Coordinator gets to know the candidate well so that the gestational candidate can be matched with Intended Parents who share similar views, characteristics and expectations of the surrogacy journey.

We advocate for you every step of the way

Once the initial paperwork and records are completed and reviewed, the candidate is ready to move forward to the medical and psychiatric screening processes and then to matching with a set of Intended Parents. In this step of the journey, our Surrogacy Advocate joins the candidate’s team to assist in the medical side of the journey as well as to be a support system through the actual surrogacy pregnancy and postpartum.

The Surrogate Advocate assists the surrogate with matching, medical screening, travel, legal contracts, medication, embryo transfer, pregnancy, labor/delivery, and post-partum.   She will also provide the surrogate with emotional support, referrals, and answer any questions the surrogate may have throughout the journey.

We give you peace of mind to enjoy your experience

Both the Surrogacy Support Coordinator and Surrogacy Advocate work directly with the gestational surrogate to provide support, assistance and guidance as a she fulfills her dream of surrogacy. Having that additional support allows the gestational surrogate peace of mind and the ability to focus on herself, her family, and the pregnancy journey.

Own Your Journey

Learn more about how Family Inceptions Surrogacy Agency supports our gestational surrogates throughout their entire journey.

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