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The Physical and Emotional Requirements to Become an Egg Donor

The “traditional” way of building a family simply doesn’t work for everyone. Couples suffering from infertility, LGBTQ couples, and single intended parents need alternative family building options. The good news is, there are many ways to build a family today. Finding a suitable egg donor is a common and attractive option for many intended parents. Egg donors are needed to fulfill the dreams of countless hopeful parents. So who can become an egg donor, and why should you consider it? 

Egg donors can be the missing piece for intended parents who have been trying to build their dream family without success. In theory, any woman of childbearing age can be an egg donor. In its most simplistic form, an egg donor is a woman who provides an egg to be used in conception for a soon-to-be parent. 

In reality, a woman who chooses to become an egg donor is so much more than the base definition. She is a kind and compassionate human being who wants to give a family a part of herself so they can feel whole. That’s truly amazing!

Beyond the generous desire to give a family the joy of a baby, there are several requirements and considerations to take into account. Not just anyone can become an egg donor. Having particular criteria in place protects the best interests, health, and safety of donor candidates and intended parents. 


General Requirements For An Egg Donor

Family Inceptions has a list of requirements for our egg donors. We look for the best of the best when selecting a donor for a family in need. 

Each agency has its own set of criteria for egg donor candidates, so while you’re doing research you may find that these requirements can vary.

We are thorough in our criteria because we want to be sure that our donors are serious and ready for this process. We also want to make sure that our donors are physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared to handle the responsibility of the tremendous gift they are giving. 

Do you meet the requirements of an ideal egg donor and want to help a family in need? Click here to submit your application to become a donor with Family Inceptions. 


Physical Requirements For An Egg Donor

Even though egg donors won’t be going through the physical hardships of pregnancy, labor, and childbirth, it’s still very important to be in good health. A donor’s age, weight, and health history can affect the rate of achieving a successful pregnancy and can lessen the risk of complications from the fertility medications and egg retrieval process. 


One of the physical requirements is the age of the donor. Our egg donors are between the ages of 21-29. Some agencies have age restrictions that range from 18 to early 30’s. This age range usually gives intended parents the best chance for pregnancy.


Ideal egg donors are in great physical health and have no significant health problems in their family. An egg donor needs to be healthy to protect the potential mother or gestational surrogate and the baby. Undisclosed medical conditions could affect the pregnancy or birth as well as the baby’s health in the future. 


If a woman is overweight it may affect how well the fertility medications work, and her risk of other complications is also higher. For these reasons, donors must have a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) below 28. 


Emotional Requirements To Be An Egg Donor

Egg donation is an emotional process. To protect the health and safety of our egg donors and potential families, an egg donor must be emotionally mature and stable enough to handle the situation. 

Mental Health

Just as with physical health, your mental well-being should be in good shape too. Egg donation can take weeks or months, and some women may find the process draining or difficult. Determining the state of your mental health beforehand will help determine if you might be a good candidate or not. 


You may not think that your lifestyle ties into your emotions, but you’d be surprised! How we live and go about our day-to-day lives plays into our emotional wellbeing. If you are a jet setter who loves to travel and be on the go, then the time commitment involved with donating your eggs may weigh you down. Likewise, if you are involved in an intense academic program, the added stress of the donation process may be too much for you at this point in life.  


Meeting The Requirements To Be An Egg Donor

Although it may seem like there are strict requirements in place to become an egg donor, they’ve been put in place to protect the best interests of everyone involved. It’s a sensitive situation, and we want to ensure that donors understand the emotional and physical toll it can take. 


Being an Egg Donor: The Top 5 Things You Must Know Before You Agree to Donate

One of the most impactful and rewarding acts a woman can do is give a family the gift of a child. You can change the life of a parent-to-be and receive a significant financial reward, but the egg donation process is not for everyone. Before you dive headfirst into the process, there are a few things you should know about becoming an egg donor.


Becoming An Egg Donor

Do you think you meet the criteria for becoming an egg donor? Take a peek at what makes an ideal donor to see if egg donation is right for you.  Learn more about the egg donation process and when you’re ready, complete your application to see if you are a good fit to be an egg donor with Family Inceptions!

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