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Welcome Carrot Fertility Members. Family Inceptions is now part of the Carrot Fertility Network. Click to read more.

Interested Surrogates Need to Consider These When Choosing An Agency

You have decided to become a gestational surrogate and you meet the criteria to become one, but there are so many surrogacy agencies out there. You ask yourself “How do I choose the right one for me?”.

I want to work with an agency but how do I know the right one to choose?

When looking for a surrogacy agency, think about what is important to you.

Do you like to have a go-to contact?

If this is your first journey, you may want an agency that you feel comfortable contacting often with questions or assistance as you navigate processes like medical screening, medication management, legal contracts and escrow.  Read more about our process for working closely with surrogates: You’re Never Alone – How Family Inceptions Supports Our Surrogates Through the Entire Surrogacy Journey

Do you want a relationship with your intended parents?

If having a close relationship with intended parents is important, you may want to contact several agencies and discuss their process for matching. Some agencies give you access to a parent profile first and allow you the choice to work with those parents or another set of parents that you may share similar personalities or interests. Other agencies do not allow gestational surrogates a choice in who they work with and you are matched with whoever is needing a surrogate at the time.

Are you comfortable working with international IPs?

Some agencies work with parents who are located outside of the United States. There may be a language barrier and traveling for appointments, the embryo transfer and even delivery may be very difficult. Working with parents located in the United States may allow for a closer relationship if they are able to be present for major appointments, the embryo transfer, delivery etc. Working with English-speaking parents may be easier or more comfortable for you.

What are the differences between a big agency vs. a smaller one?

The size of the agency is something you may want to consider. Large agencies may offer a higher compensation for a journey, but because they are working on so many cases at one time, there may be less communication and assistance offered to the surrogate during the process. The surrogate may or may not have a close-knit relationship with the intended parents she is matched with. Smaller agencies might have a slightly smaller benefits package but can offer a more personal and tailored surrogacy experience.

How many agencies should I look into?

Research many agency websites online and then contact 3-5 or more. Agencies should be very welcoming and more than happy to talk with you about their processes, answering any questions you may have. Ask questions about how long they have been in business, how many successful pregnancies they have had, and how many intended parents and surrogates they are currently working with. Ask about how many terminations they have had and how much communication you can expect from them. If at any point you feel uncomfortable with their answers, move on to another agency. Find out what makes Family Inceptions different than the rest here: Our Mission and Values

Does my surrogacy agency need to be close by?

The agency you work with does not need to be local to you and you should choose an agency that you feel good about. Because technology allows communication via video, phone, email and text, it is so much easier and even quicker to move through the initial steps of the surrogacy journey. Click here to see the most popular locations for surrogacy in the US

How does the matching process work?

Not every matching process is the same. Some agencies, like Family Inceptions, pride themselves on having a streamlined screening and matching process. Read more about how Family Inceptions matches our surrogates quickly here: Family Inceptions Offers Quick Matching for Surrogates in 2020

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