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Welcome Carrot Fertility Members. Family Inceptions is now part of the Carrot Fertility Network. Click to read more.

Would Wonder Woman Donate Her Eggs?

While Wonder Woman has been around for many years, she’s seeing a bit of a resurgence recently thanks to the upcoming release of the new Wonder Woman movie. Whether you’ve seen the film or just heard about it, the universal takeaway has been that it’s one of the few movies to show a lead female character as strong and completely empowered as she fights for justice while helping others.

It’s quite appropriate then that our theme this August is, “What’s Your Superpower?” If you’ve been following our blog or know anything about the history of Family Inceptions, you know that our super power is building families! Our CEO and our very own Wonder Woman, Eloise Drane, has not only donated eggs six times but she has served as a surrogate three times. She uses her own experiences and unique insight to help others either donate their eggs, use donor eggs or matches loving, wonderful couples with equally loving, wonderful surrogates. In short, she helps make the impossible family possible.

This is where you come in!

According to CDC, 1 in 8 couples have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy. There are several infertility issues in particular that directly impact a woman’s egg quality. It could be advanced age, diminished ovarian reserve (DOR), premature ovarian failure (POF) or perhaps a there’s a chromosomal abnormality regarding a woman’s eggs. When you want nothing more than to be a parent, it can feel like an incredible injustice and quite devastating to not be able to have a child in the way you had hoped. Women we’ve spoken to in this situation often express that they feel like a failure or that they are letting their partner or spouse down.

When egg quality is an issue, there are many women out there; healthy women that might be able to put on their capes, swoop in and help. Have you ever wondered if you’re that woman?

We’ve worked with a range of egg donors, some of who do want children but not yet, to those who know for sure that they don’t want children, but would like to donate to those who do. Whatever your family goals are, have you ever thought to yourself, “Hmmm. I may be a good candidate to donate.”

If you see ads or websites looking for egg donors, you know that there is, of course, monetary compensation. However, we at Family Inceptions hope to work with those who see it more as an opportunity to be a Shero to others. Donating your eggs is so much more than getting paid. You’re giving someone the real possibility of being a parent. It’s literally a gift of life.

Wonder Woman was created long before the discussion of donor eggs became commonplace but the spirit of what she represents – a sense of justice and compassion, has been around for a long time. It also may live in you right now. Are you the “she”ro that someone is praying for right now? Are you the Wonder Woman that will show compassion and help?

If so, please fill out this form or visit or check out all our Egg Donor articles and posts here: Advice and Resources for Egg Donors

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