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Welcome Carrot Fertility Members. Family Inceptions is now part of the Carrot Fertility Network. Click to read more.

Every Child Born Could be the Next President or Oprah

We’ve kicked off November’s theme, which is ‘Be the Reason Someone is Thankful’. When it comes to third party family building in particular, there are many people to be thankful for as it may include donor eggs, donor sperm, a surrogate and of course, medical team to help make the magic happen! This month, we are fortunate to have a holiday dedicated to giving thanks to God and one another for our blessings. It’s also a time for family. Whether your thanksgiving dinners are warm, loving occasions, or something more out of a comedic sitcom, it’s an important reminder that every family has their own unique history, and every family member holds a special place in their brood, as well as in this world.

If you build your family outside of the typical way (man, woman, intercourse), that doesn’t mean you’re any less of a family. It also doesn’t mean that the child produced has any less potential than anyone else. Every baby holds so many possibilities ahead of them. That’s how I think of every life I help create through Family Inceptions. This child, whether it’s through donor eggs, surrogacy or both, could very well be the next president or Oprah.

Speaking of Oprah, years ago, Oprah shared that her conception was due to a single sexual encounter between her biological parents, who were unmarried and broke up soon after. Imagine that. One of the most powerful, most successful women in the world was conceived through atypical conditions.

There are so many who are so judgmental on how a child is conceived. There are some who believe you should “just adopt” if you have fertility issues instead of pursuing fertility treatment. Or, others who think that if you couldn’t have children “the old-fashioned way”, it was because God doesn’t want you to have children.

What do I think you ask? Frankly, I think people should let God do the judging and focus more on their own lives.

When a life comes into this world, we need to believe in the future of that child. Ours is not to judge the past of their conception. Instead, let’s look at what amazing things that may lie ahead for this new life!

When I meet with an intended parent, a potential surrogate or someone interested in donating their eggs, I want to work with and help those who hold that same respect for life. As I’ve said numerous times on my blog, family building can pay well, but it’s the surrogates and egg donors who have good intentions and high hopes for the life that they are helping to create, that make the most ideal and special candidates to match with parents.

A few months back, I was speaking with a fertility doctor and he said, “I can’t think of anything more pro-life than being a Reproductive Endocrinologist!” I respect that sentiment. While struggling to have a child is never what one wants, having the technology to help beautiful, loving, good people and couples have families is a true blessing.

So, when we consider this month’s theme, I want to ask if you are someone who has been considering being a surrogate? Perhaps an egg donor? If you feel that you can be the answer to a prayer an intended parent has made and if you hold hope in your heart that you’re helping to put good into this world, then please contact me. The possibilities are endless… and the possibilities of a little life are something to be so very thankful for.

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