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Welcome Carrot Fertility Members. Family Inceptions is now part of the Carrot Fertility Network. Click to read more.

Egg Donation: A Donor’s Perspective

Families who’ve been blessed with their own children often want to help others achieve that same goal and egg donation is a significantly impactful way to help those who are unable to conceive on their own. If the thought of egg donation has ever crossed your mind, your first step, before contacting an agency to move ahead, is to spend some time thinking about why you want to do so.

Why Do You Want to Donate?

Most donors cite two reasons.

  • Financial: Women can receive anywhere from $8,000 to $15,000 per donation cycle, usually starting at the $8,000 range and increasing with each egg donation, or oocyte donation, that follows. While many people find this attractive, donating eggs is about more than selling your eggs. Most successful donations are those given by individuals with much deeper motivation.
  • Kindness and compassion: Women who are chosen as donors are those who recognize that the effort and time egg donation takes is giving a family a gift they have long desired but wouldn’t be able to achieve on their own.

The Donation Process

The truth is, making an egg donation can be a hefty investment of your effort and time, which is why it’s so important to think about the true reasons you want to donate. We take the process of donation and donor well-being so seriously.

Once you’ve determined that you truly want to help future parents, you’ll submit an application to the egg donor agency, along with photos. You’ll also go through an in-person or video interview to talk about everything involved in the egg donation process, while answering your questions and explaining any risks. We’ll create a private profile for you, visible only to prospective parents.

After being matched, you’ll go through a thorough medical, genetic and psychological evaluation to determine your suitability. Once done, legal contracts will be completed between yourself and the intended parents whom you are working with. This will be drafted by an attorney and you will have a separate attorney who will review the agreement with you to ensure you understand the legalities of the agreement.

The next step includes taking medication to prepare your body for the final step: egg retrieval.

A Donor’s Perspective

Egg donors have commonly noted that while they valued the financial compensation they received, their bodies shifted. Some had easy recovery periods, while others may have experienced a bit of a struggle.

The best part of the procedure for everyone involved, though, is the notification of a successful transfer and pregnancy because of your gift. The egg donor directly impacted the lives of intended parents locally or around the world and that knowledge has led many egg donors to say they would do the process again in a heartbeat.

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